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There are several reasons that a person may wish to see or own a copy of a land survey, from buying and selling real estate to acquiring building permits and settling boundary disputes with neighbours. Getting a new survey gives you the most current “snapshot” of your property, but in many cases a copy of an existing survey plan is sufficient for many projects.

To find your property survey online in Markham, simply visit a reputable website created by specialists in the industry. You’ll easily navigate to a page that will ask for the address of the property in question and once inputted, will provide you with a land survey to download if available.

Getting a property survey online is an excellent and expedient way to get the documents required for many projects and problems faced by homeowners, as well as anyone with hopes of developing their land. Before getting a team of professional surveyors to come around, have a look online. For many landowners, it’s an excellent way to save money and protect their interests.
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The land survey plan is an under-appreciated document that any landowner or potential home buyer should have an interest in. Land survey plans are beneficial for anyone facing a boundary dispute, and mandatory for those looking to develop their land by building new structures. Find your property survey online in Markham and you could save money and protect your investment.

Online Surveys

There are well over a million survey plans to be found in various databases online. Finding yours could be as easy as inputting the address of the property in question and purchasing the plan for download. Most of the plans found online are suitable for the needs of most property owners, but it’s always wise to proceed with caution.

New or Existing Surveys?

Survey plans (also known as Surveyor’s Real Property Reports - SRPRs) found online are snapshots of a property as of the date they were conducted. That doesn’t mean that an existing, older plan is not useful. Far from it! A plan for property surveyed in the 1940s could very well be relevant and useful if little to no development has taken place on the property and the original structures remain mostly unchanged. Conversely, a survey conducted two years ago may not be useful if the landowner has torn down and rebuilt a different building.
Getting a new land survey is a straight forward process through one of the GTA’s land survey firms. However you can save money by purchasing an existing plan online if it is suitable for your project. When using older surveys however, always be sure to examine the plan to ensure that it is in fact suitable for your intended use. When in doubt, be sure to talk to a surveyor.

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